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Our Story

Mission & Vision

The person you are is worthy of representation, and now there’s a brand to celebrate that. The Original One is revolutionary, high-fashion streetwear changing the way clothing and self-confidence collide. 

This New York-based business began with the mission of empowering individualism. They are showing the world what it means to pursue positivity through meaningful action. 


Founded in 2019, The Original One was born from the idea of a self-starter who dreamed of building a new life. Rather than wait around for something to come along, this visionary started creating luxury streetwear with a message. The goal is to provide pieces that inspire transformation for everyone who wears them; not just on the outside, but more importantly on the inside. 

The Original One is meant to encourage each person to live their lives for a greater purpose and lift up others in the process.


While the core of the message is critical, the quality and style of the clothing is equally impressive. Made from only the very best materials using completely original designs, this is high-end fashion for everyday life. This common-sense, high fashion style is not reflective of the unattainable displays at events such as the Met Gala. Instead, this is meant for everyone to be able to enjoy premium attire.

You get one chance to make a difference in this life, and now is the time to take action and make mistakes. This brand is a representation of that will to overcome challenges and face your fears of showing the world who you are. Even if you fail you will come out richer for the experience and armed with new information. With this newfound knowledge and confidence in who you are, you can go into the unknown as the person you were meant to be – The Original One who sets the standard for all others.

Happy Shopping!

- From The Original One Family.